ПЛОХОЕ МОРОЖЕНОЕ Миссия ДНЯ ВЫЖИВАНИЕ в лабиринте #9. Приключения ГОРОД ГЕРОЕВ растения против ХИРО

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BAD ICE cream which we called "Good Ice cream" or "ice cream Fun" is coming to an end and today the final episode of MISSION DAY Survival in the MAZE 9 series and the second game is the sequel to CITY of HEROES the adventures of HIRO AND BAMACA where we met the plants which vs from the game "PLANTS VS ZOMBIES", entertaining videos for kids on channel Daddy and Daughter Games (PDG). Play cheerful Dad and daughter Margot.The game is a Good ice cream like "Bad ice cream" continue to protect the PLANT which is in DANGER, from attacking him gibberish and worms, and so it is necessary to collect all the fruit first. Today we will go through the game to the end, there will be a full passage. And still the Father and the Daughter continue to think up to themselves interesting missions of day and carry out them, it turns out very cheerfully and cool. It is a pity, today only two missions do. But lock gibberish into a trap and win. The game teaches children to act together as one team and come up with interesting different situations.Continue the adventures of the new game CITY of HEROES where a very sweet boy Hiro and a very pot-bellied BAUMAX collect photos to start a dimensional portal taking heroes to the next level. Today we will meet plants from the game "Plants against Zombies" and they will hunt for the heroes of the cartoon. The first part is GOOD ICE cream and CITY of HEROES a magic portal *********DAD and DAUGHTERS Games (PDG) is an entertaining family game channel, with a lot of games, training, developing and just interesting and funny videos about Good ice cream, fire and Water game in a variety of temples, cars, puppy patrol, horses may little pony, talking Tom, Angela, fashion Show, games for girls and games for boys. With us it is always fun and interesting! Become our friends!

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