Попугай разговаривает просто смех

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Murzikcat Channel about animals. Videos of cats who eat cucumbers, persimmons, cabbage, dogs that sing, swim, dance and steal food, like parrots to sing, talk and swim , and serious alabach –hounds, loyal and hardy cane Corso and unusual, funny animals. Description and stories about different breeds of cats and dogs. Welcome to our channel!Murzikcat channel invites to cooperation. Wishing to become a reporter, cameraman, host, moderator group, can help create subtitles to the video, on the website, write music, and have a trained voice, doing computer graphics, speak a foreign language, you have an original idea, you can and want to help us - then write us a message on our channel.Friends, we are in need of financial assistance for the development of the channel- Yandex Money [ 410011957258194 ]

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