How I Made My Own iPhone - in China

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Я склав як новий (але насправді відремонтований) iPhone 6S 16GB повністю з деталей придбаних на публічних ринках стільникових телефонів у Huaqiangbei. І це працює!Я був зачарований ринками мобільних телефонів частин в Шеньчжені, Китай на деякий час. Я пройшов через них купу раз, але я до сих пір не розумів елементарних речей, як то, як вони були організовані або хто купує всі ці частини і те, що вони роблять з ними.Тому, коли хтось зазначив, що вони задавалися питанням, якщо ви могли б побудувати робочий смартфон з частин на ринках, я вхопився за цей шанс, щоб дійсно зрозуміти, як все працює. Ну, я сидів на ній протягом дев'яти місяців, а потім пірнув.Детальніше на: Окреме спасибі всім, що допомогло: Аян Леснет (, Джин Лін ( і, Хелен, Френк, Девід Вайман з G-Lon стільникового телефону Ремонт школи ( 0,1), Чарльз Pax (, Патрік О'доерті, Метт Терзі, Річард Літтауер, ЕФФ, Банні Хуан (, Шон Крос (, всі інші з моїх друзів в Китаї які були прихильні, і найголовніше всіх ринкових продавців Huaqiangbei, які були настільки щедрі зі своїм часом і порадами!

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AG Eletrônica Vintage
Que video Excelente, a Apple curtiu com certeza !!!
Antonio Guimarães Neto
Probably the only iPhone assembled by an american
Armando Ferreira
Did you pre-order the new iPhone 8? \
Ayaan Khan
he should have built the latest model at that time
Aлеkcей Зaвaцkий
Цук - сколько вам килограммов чипов насыпать ))))
Out of curiosity, is it possible to build an iPhone 7 with a headphone jack? Serious question, no troll.\n\nLike could I take the case of an iPhone 6s and put the internals of a 7 in there with a working head phone jack?
You have Money, you Can buy a iPhone... you are so crazy
Belarus Partyzan
Тим Кук: Теперь мы прочипуем каждую деталь, чтобы вы не смогли заменить ни одну деталь без нашего участия.
Bosse Krey
Ist noch jemand deutsch
They steel our tech and then say it’s theirs... the Chinese are thieves!
Bruno Silva
*Anatel Will block .*
Cleusa Rocha
O título do vídeo está em português e o cara é Gringo whats?
15:12 kien fue el pendejo k puso los subtitulos en español \u003e:v
He didn't bargain once and is a clear foreigner.. You know he got ripped off on almost every part..
D.knight Ingram
Legend says he is still shopping for iPhone parts while I watch on a iPhone.
Very enjoyable video. Thanks.
Diomar Felipe Villarroel
try to make a ps4... thats a challenge :D
Dogherty GRP
Alguna pagina china para comprar partes de xiaomi? Quien Sabe por favor me diga
Eduardo Rápalo
1:00 Him: iphone 6s. Her: sex?
Eekek Hekk
So you bought the parts from China and made a whole iphone 6s but they Chinese cant even make a 6s clone with thos same parts..?
Eloi Lamarque
and i keep failling at placing a screen protector...
Erhan Anzi
Niye bir kısmını çevirdin
Eros John Delos Santos
7:57 lol it literally says \
Folo K
Siapa yang buat subtitle anjir hha
Ich werde den Kanal blocken, es ist irreführend ein Video zu veröffentlichen dessen Titel sowie Videobeschreibung auf Deutsch ist, das Video selbst aber auf Englisch. Sowas brauche ich nicht in meiner Vorschlagsliste - tschö!
Czemu tytuł jest po Polsku a cały film po Angielsku kto z Polski daje lika
You can't just say \
just imagine being an electronic engineer, living in that city. No time for sleep!
Hacks Man
Make a Google pixel
Haha Wa
Final cost is about $300 USD according to the merchants in the video. Personally, I think this is not about the money or time he spent on the phone, it's something that he enjoyed to do with it.
Hello Gamers
Ilyes Ilyes
T ben
Info ekdw
sekarang saya tahu kenapa PEESSTOR murah
Jan Nademlejnsky
Fantastic story and video. I have to admire those Chinese people
Jeffrey Lim
take the phone to an Apple store and see what happens
God made the earth and China made everything else
KIJO Fongo
*damn .. He look like jacob seed from far cry 5*
Kamil Młodochowski
Ktoś tu z Polski heh cebula cebula auuuuuuuuuuuuu
Keith Olsen
9:50 *I want like 5 of those..*
Kyrie Irving
How I Paid Random Chinese People to Build an iPhone - in China
Lee Tucker
you assembled a iphone. you didnt make anything.
Lupércia Moure
( °3°)
Xq el título está en español?
Marc LAW
小哥, 稳! 说话算数的那个, 应该是个潮州人. Bro, you are the best!! Shenzhen welcome you, the man who is integrity is from Chaozhou!
Marcelo Bezerrapereira
Voadora nó like 👍🌍
Mochamadnur Rochim
Apa ada orang Indonesia kah disini?
Mohamed qassim
هل يوجد عرب ... ملاحظة الترجمة موجوده في الخمس الدقائق الأولى فقط
if no one is gonna say this then i will.i admit chinese are genius
Nikola Tesla
In the beginning, God made China.......
Nizam Mohtar
People talking bout wasting time and shit.. this dude gained knowledge. Now who's wasting time here?
Offical Everything Guy
Everything is possible in china
Panji F
2:10 mengingatkanku pada PStore
Pat H
23:48 \
Paul Z
屏幕screen:37美元\n  电池battary:4美元\n  相机模组cammer set:26美元\n  主板mainboard:74美元\n  扬声器speaker:11.5美元\n  外壳shell:22美元\n  其他零部件others:117.5美元\n  【others include:注:其他零部件包括iPhone搭载的小型传感器和基带等,除了它,最贵的就是屏幕和主板了】\n  经过一番计算,after calculate we knows below\n  我们可知其硬件物料成本约为292美元us$(约合人民币1948元yuan);\n sorry about the poor translate all parts and price from shenzhen huaqiang bei ,the same palce in this video
Pavel Pflores
Actually you didn’t make it. Making and resembling are two different things
Peng Cheng
This tells us something. First of all, It's amazing for you to do this, but don't be arrogant. even a very normal worker in Huaqiangbei can do what you did in a much more elegant way. People are very smart here. Secondly, people who work here are also very hardworking and always keep their words. Anyway, people from west need to learn trust and modesty.
china got the most randomest items and got a full store dedicated to it. thats dope
Reviews N' Stuff
I'm absolutely mind blown. You gained 75,000 subs and over 4 million views on your first video ever alone! Congrats man!
How much cost all the pieces to your iPhone
Rumi Ali
Hw about the IMEI?
Sabrina Sallum
I think gingers are so hot lmao
Savage Gaming Adventures YT
1:00 sex
Sonechka Влади́мировна Cмирнов
Strange Parts
How much did it cost? Answer here:
The potato sandwich 89
This made me realize how important it is to know Chinese in today’s world if you know German English and Chinese you can effectively communicate with most of the people in the world.
Titans JoJo
Trap Music Now.
People in China are real af. They know how to grind and hustle.
My question???\n\n\n\n\nHow you installed IOS in it?????
Weston Riley
You made your own smart phone and you chose iphone?!
What's Inside?
This is super cool. Loved it.
Zenergy ML
you did not make it, did you ensembled it
ahmed khan
al motairi
جميل جداً أشكرك ♥️
والله انك فنان 👍
That snack you got at 10:00 . Mercy.....
gamse clash
my from in lraq I lave you
lourival teodoro
Conterrâneos orientais sempre à frente de tudo,país de primeiro mundo, um alô aqui do Brasil,parabéns
morgen dikmen
One mans trash is another mans treasure. Amazing how creative people are. Good video you should make another one maybe a samsung?
natanael Medina Jiménez
IT CAN BE FAKE /PUEDE SER TRAMPA!! O.O y si el video esté rebobinado en los momentos que lo \
nuri al
I probably saw some of my Ebay sellers
prashant dawadi
What is there to be surprised.... with??? if u go America there is no guarantee that u can find something u want but in China u can even find ur phone birthday and their ancestors
Apple is great. \nChina is great. \nYou are great. \nAnd one more thing... \nJobs are also great.
Im not saying it is fake but it is sooooooooooooooo fake
shiva maharjan
20-25 years ago it was a dream to have tv,video player and other electronics appliances in house for an ordinary person but now almost all has these.this is because of china because china provided these electronic good to ordinary people in cheap price.
zen Programmaer
中国的华强北 中国的陈田村
if you watch it in reverse its about a guy who takes his new phone apart and sells all the pieces to random shops in china
أَنَا رَبُّ الشـُّعَرَاءِ
9:48 ما هي اسم الاكلة ؟\nwhat is name of the deal?
خليفة المر
This guy spend ¥480 to buy a hand make screen in the market which is only cost ¥120.
I am Chinese,you are so amazing,magic!
Merchants look friendly and honest is just because you are a foreigner. You know, foreigners always have higher privileges in China. Lol. Polices is willing to help foreigners solve problems rather than native citizens. A little tricky but true. XDDD. Whatever, I feel proud that it the Chinese market is help you finish your project.
Good try it's learned many things
老美你好 \nhello my friend \ncongratulation!
홍구 아님?
이분 너무멋지시다 자신이 하고싶은것을 \n이루기위해 포기하지않고 끈기를가지고 \n노력하시고 결국 성공하는모습 \n너무멋있습니다 존경합니다.