Glidecam VS. Zhiyun Crane 2

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Какой дибил сравнивает трехосевой электронный и обычный....пздц...
Abe Aqim
Glidecam more natural in action and live. Crane2 more smooth in shoot but hard to do creative angle.
Really excellent comparison and very helpful - THANKS! You certainly have your \
Great review! To the point, informative and fair. I'm looking at the Ronin DJI 2, but they're taking forever with it. Might have to get a Zhiyun crane 2 in the interim.
Andreas Papayiannis
5:59 - 6:03 sounds like porn. ''oh yes''
Anton V.
Crane all the way
Antonio Rivera
Hey Parker👌
Asraful Alam
where is this place???\n\nanybody knows?
Bangla Songs Station
Hello Thank you so much. I have a nikon d5200. can i use zhiyun crane 2?
Barkeroni Gaming
So I’m about to but the crane 2, but after watching so many reviews, the footage bounces with the crane sometimes, and I’m not that steady of a walker and will film pretty relaxed films... should I still go with the crane?
cool i think glidecam looks more cinematic and real
Chandrashekar Nagaraja
Are camera cages good..
Why does he keep punching us? :'(
Chris Kneeland
Not going to lie, I prefer the look of natural movement by the Glidecam to the Crane. There comes a point when you can have too much stability.
DHTV Digital
We have a Crane but one of the things I DON't like about it is the way the stabilizer arm blocks my view of the monitor. Also makes it difficult to use a hood on my monitor if I'm shooting outside in the sun.
Dany #gotaworldtosee
love the video interactive.
David Vedenskii
looking forward DJI Ronin S vs Glidecam
DnA Show
This was really helpful! We're looking into getting a Crane 2 for our channel and I think that will be perfect for what we need!
Drew Kocak
How have I not heard of this guy until now
Dryden Lalonde
6:01 😂
Eduard Brichuk
You can change the sensitivity in the settings of the Crane 2 and make custom Profiles for whatever use you need. It's honestly incredible if you played around with it and did a new test. @Parker Walbeck :)
Emerson Tapia
Hey guys can you please recommend me a camera I want to make a videos and take photos I want to spend like $1,000 thanks for your help
Eric Knorpp
I respect your opinion, but a glidecam is oldschool and a complete pain in the ass to use compared to the gimbals these days much less the crane that works right out of the box. Yes you have mastered it but there is no comparison for someone just starting out or who has never used a glidecam. Hope your not offended but that is the truth and yes I have used both many times. I would NEVER suggest someone to buy a glidecam when the Crane is cheap and works pretty flawlessly even if you do not balance it correctly.
Really great video. Can you make a Video crane 2 vs. Ronin-S?
Focused Story Films
I just love the look of the Glidecam so much more in most scenarios. The slight imperfection, lack of motorized feel, and organic nature of the footage keep drawing me back to trying to master the Glidecam, even though it's a lot more difficult. I have one of the original cranes, and I just don't love it as much as the Glidecam. I also love that you can't (easily) break a Glidecam. It can work in harsh weather, it can get thrown around in the trunk of your car, and sit on the ground and still work just fine.
Gabriel Miranda
jesus, the most versatil product here is the model, basket+guitar+parkur+longboard+actor!
Garydee Films
That intro just answering & skipping everyones typical comments. 10/10 lol
Grant Stinnett
Dude! You have years of experience with the Glidecam. The Crane hasn't even been out that long. I don't have the skills you do with the Glidecam style stabilizer so most of what you did with it is impossible for me to get right on a first try. I own both and most of the time I can't use the Glidecam just because I don't have the time to learn to use it on the job. Have to get a good shot on the first try. My wide shot a music video for me the other day and she has never used a stabilizer before in her life. She could get some decent stuff with the Crane. But she wouldn't have even begun to get anything right with the Glidecam. I admire your Glidecam skills, but most of us don't have those.
Hoang Phuc
Thank you! I love Glidecam and love Parker Walbeck. :)
Hurz Murz
Really nice video, Parker! Thanks for that! The quality is very good and you show us every possible usage of these stabilizers :) I really like my Glidecam and now I know if I could need a Crane for my upcoming video-projects, ... or not :D Greetings from Germany, Phil
If I were to guess his name, I'd say Devin Blaine
Очень качественно, спасибо!
Glidecam wins because the parkour footage looked way better on it! 😉
Jake Hartel
Glidecam SOLID
Jorn Knuttila
This comparasin is awesome, and I appreciate the effort you put into this project. I kind of reminded me of trying to compare a manual vs. automatic transmission. Anybody could walk up and argue one is superior to the other, but it would be subjective. Not only does it matter what you are trying to o do, it has a lot to do with your skills.\n\nIn many places the glidecam won due to it's versatility... but that success had a lot to do with it being in *your* hands. You are like a 10 out of 10 handling a glidecam; I'm probably a 5 out of 10.  :) The crane would likely yield better results for me in my hands, because I'd benefit from the \
K Soul
Nate does everything lol
Please test out the DJI Ronin-S when it’s launched! It does a few things the crane doesn’t, like super fast sports movements 👌🏼
canon? lol......
L'Océanie pour les Zéros
Very great vidéo !!!
Amazing video especially (Parkour) Well for my usage I will choose the electronic one...
Levi Allen
You should *definitely pop up the app* to adjust the response settings on the Crane 2. This made a big difference for me getting away from that \
WOW what a great video. This was the first video of yours I've see, I like your style. Thanks for posting.
Manu Shapopi
I just realized You're using two 1DX mk2's 😍😍😍
The best comparison video brother! Thankyou
Mark Shirley
Thanks Parker top video as always - Is it easier to balance a camera with a pancake lens as opposed to a zoom lens on the crane.
Mark-Christian Killick-Calver
Just wanted to ask if you'll then be looking to the Ronin S as it has a sport mode where it will follow your movements a lot faster. This was shown on iphonedo's video and it moves REALLY fast and is still perfectly stable. This would work a lot better than for live action stuff, the parkour thing and sports stuff :)
Martin Lee
perfect video for my situation. thanks.
Michael Accorsi
Anyone else completely frustrated and annoyed with stabilization at this point in their development? I keep buying and returning. I'm keeping shipping companies in business, while I'm left watching videos and waiting. The Ronin S sounds heavy, but DJI's technology and batteries are incredible. And, its not out yet and it's version 1.0 (who wants the 1st one). I went with the Moza line over the Crane. I film a lot of motorsports and the events are all day. I really like this, has me leaning toward the Crane, but I just lug the Ronin M around for now. Superior and few hundred more.
Michael Caywood
What type of camera should I use for my YouTube videos?
Mike Bernal
Good video! You can use the Zhiyun app to change settings on the crane, may change your opinion on the responsiveness!
Mike Writing
Sold me on the Crane for my needs with a Canon M50. Thanks, Parker!\n\nJust got $65 off with that promo code! Madness *cashregistersound*
I tried gimbals before, still have my dji osmo camera on a gimbal cause it's pocketable, but for me my hd 2000 wins big time. Sure, it's not as stable and some shots are almost impossible with it, but I can toss it in the back of the car, use in rain, use as tripod and generally not care much about it and worst that's going to happen are few scratches.
Once Upon A Workbench
I’ve never been able to balance a glidecam that quickly. Those are some balancing skills you’ve got
Pics & Clips Media
This is exactly what i was needing to know for real estate. Keep making videos...your reviews are the best
When upgrade for CRANE 2 support exposure control in sony A7III ????????? Sony, Zhiyun wake uppp.
Yeah if I had a $6000 camera with a $1000 lens and then finally a $1000 gimbal. I can’t afford it but fun to just watch what pros do
This has been a debate in my head for a few weeks! Thanks Parker! I may invest in the Crane to assist me with my mini docs and travel videos!
Rahul Singh
Par core location amazing, which \nPlace is this, I love this place, love your every video, I'm not photography fields but I love to watch your video, you are making unique videos. \nI'm from India. Live at new Delhi. \nLove you brother.
So today I learned that \
Raymond Lorentzen
The top of your Glidecam where you put the camera on is different then mine: I suppose I have an older version of Glidecam? But is the newer version of Glidecam HD 400 any better?
Răzvan Gogan
What lenses are you using at 00:05?
I see all these \
Men this is not a review... this is a PRO tutorial on how to use stabilizers.... best video about stabilizers I've ever seen... hats off .. thank you.
Scott McKenna
Fantastic comparison. Well done as always
Sebastian Valensi
Who else doesn't even have a camera and still watching this
anyone gonna mention how much this guy can do, play guitar, long board, parkour.
Bro where the hell does this dude live, those mountains in the background are gorgeous.
Stanley \
This was a great video- right to the point- none of the waiting for information. You nailed this.
Taner Tunçer
you really operate gimbal smooth. I cant pan with ronin s smoothly while moving left
Tasso Music
Is he playing the guitar?😂😂
Terry Bridges
Dude, I gotta say YOU ROCK!...I'm looking for one to use for a ton of motorsports events...specifically oval track racing..would love to see what you'd do with your style..excellent work my man! Keep up the GREAT're a beast!
Thanos Skillet
Thokozani Mtshali
you're a natural
TimmyCat 3
It really matters how well someone can operate the Glidecam. If you practise with a Glidecam for a very long time it could possibly give the same result as the other gymbal.
u are awesome.....
Nate can do everything
Valdirteto Teto
What place is this that has no one but you?
Vincent Ernst
Where did you record this video ? I tried to find out but it is so hard...\nSuper interesting video thank you !
Wacky Wakes
Man this review! 😍 Bro you good!
very helpfull video!!
Will F.M
At any point that you touch the monopod piece of the glidecam to \
Wonderful Dreams
Soo.. Nice))0)
Yannick Utt
This does not make sense! You compare a Glidecam, which has no problems controlling that camera, with a Gimbal that is made for System-/Bridge- and small DSLR- Cameras!
Parker has the best comparison the ones with the Red vs smartphone.
The Glidecam is better for fast action. I think an inverted monopod would do the walking shot just as well.
crane seems far better near the ground, crane by small margin overall
The biggest variable here is that Parker has mastered using a GlideCam (which is not easy). I would choose the Crane 2 all day long for beginners.
ep videos
Hey Parker! Love your videos! I recently purchased the Zhiyun crane and I been in a constant battle with the \
It's free real estate
Dude, i already make few money in my country filming small weddings, and here the price are realy low. I don't have a good camera and other tools, so i ask you if you want to borrow me 3000 $ for a year to buy some new camera :D Good luck with what you're doing!!
jacob sack
@6:01 whispers \
jason kitchen
that neighborhood looks like it was built on some rocky alien planet
Its so funny that every time the Glidecam wins, its the natural extension of Parker's arm. It looked like because of Parker are way more experienced with the Glidecam, so he wanted to make it come as first.
marshall branin
I just bought both. So hopefully I’m covered in the stabilization department. I’ve really spent too much money on film making equipment
The best video comparison of Crane and Glide cam, thank you so much for this great video.
Great video bro...
seanwasere ytbe
I'm curious about how you did your voice recording. What mic you using and transmitter/receiver.
GUYS!!\nI've made a tutorial 5 Techniques for filming CINEMATICLY with gimbals and glidecams. Check it out and give me your thoughts on it?
vinza pramana putra
At first I click this video, I thought it was Devin supertramp video.. Bcos it's glidecam, and the hat, and the pose and etc.\nDon't get me wrong, I like this video comparison, I watched the video through. But seriously you need to look different than Devin.. I mean it's the character. Sorry for my bad English.\nI glad I watched your video