6 creative ways to use a gimbal

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Gimbals are amazing tools and there are lots of different ways to use them. Testing out the DJI Ronin S, we present 6 tips and tricks that will teach you how to capture awesome shots and cinematic movements with your video stabilizers. Try for yourself and share your work with us on the links below… or use )Cinematography: Lukas Kozel, Leon Bernhofer, Fred Simmons, Holger Väth,Editing: Lukas KozelWritten by: Fred Simmons

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Adnan A
Now I just need a gimbal
Aizy khan
R.S What
Ak Fun Tech
This is useful but cheap😒😁
Al Manibo
I though it was a gym ball
Alexandre M.
Show! Great!
Andrew Jones
Good examples how to use the gimbal but using the speed ramp technique to cover up your mishaps was a disappointment.
Asok Kichu
I don't have a camera or a gimbal\nI use my mobile's rear camera for shooting self portraits. But these tutorials are really helpful in finding new methods of capturing the moment
Muito bom 👏👏👏
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I will film a Music Video 😁
Cool techniques but lousy results
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Österreicher? Ihr?
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thanks bro!
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coole tricks , merk ich mir . Ihr kommt aus Salzburg umgebung ?
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What's that music it's 🔥
Dimebag Darrell
I want 6 ways to get a gimbal if you're poor :(
Fahad M.
I want to do the third person follow perspective like in GTA V The game
Ferhan Khan Photography
The rope shot was a disaster. The chair was sweet though.
Filipino Know TV
mind blowing
Garnett Leary
If I owned a gimbal I probably would give up on stills.
Gemes 35
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Obviously you need a lot more practice
Gurosama Bltch
4:10 your mom
HD Chanel
I love cooph
Hardik Patel
Hilario Tapayan
Nice one dude! 👍😊. Keep it up!✊
When I’m out recording skating I usually use my hoverboard and it works really god
Ideal reality
Drifting car at slow motion
Janu Mansuri
It's Oossm
Jesster Viduya
I would like to try..\n.\n.\n.\nbut I don't have dslr and gimbal 😂😂😂
Joshua Green
the number 2 and 3 would be so cool i think
Justino Bermudez
Me gustó mucho la que atraviesan por la ventanilla del auto al otro extremo. From PUERTO RICO island.
Kev Bail
If you’re gonna do those slight cuts, that defeats the purpose of having a continuous shot. Because you can literally just shoot the other angle and cut to it...
Kili Film - Filmstudio
Ha very cool tricks!!! 😁😁😁
Luís Maria Trip
I would like to Know the model of this gimbal? Thanks canal luis Maria Trip
Maeldi ij
i got the osmo pocket...
Martin Dörsch
Super nice ideas!\nSome gimbal stuff is in my channel. And now I'm inspired to try \
Matthi's movies
I'd be careful with the chair, a small bump can be enough to fall and land right on your camera and gimbal, that's gotta be pretty expensive
Nadiger Chidambar
Where did you film the rickshaw shots
Nakuri Kota
Очень интересно. Спасибо)
Nikhil Prajapati
Wow, it is amazing video
Pavel Naboychenko
Song name please???
cooph is the only photography tutorial youtube channel that goes straight to the point,no waste of time,congratulations.
amazing...thank you so much
Ramon Cayetano
The office chair.. 👍👍👌
What is your camera name
wait... I don't have a Gimbal so I'm not sure, but why do you need the chair to follow the skater? isn't the Gimbal there to stabilize the shot even if you're walking? or why turning the camera with your phone, can you rotate the pole? (I know you still need to tilt down) use a ladder instead of a rope... or the pole!!... I don't get it...
Rinzuala Nexus
awesome 👍👍👍
XD very good!!
Super shots
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vraiment cest trop super
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Very creative shots ji tnk,
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super very nice bro
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Longest SanDisk Memory Card Ad ever seen 😂😂🤣 lol
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Like like like
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Oh come on 2:05 you used \
Srisharan Chundayil
The whip pan is much easier and dynamic handheld rather than using a gimbal.
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Love your videos ❤️ Love from Nokia User!!!
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Génial ! MERCI !David
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Все эти электронные игрушки для подростков, механический стедикам для профи
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Joss Video -\n\n\n😍😍😍
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The Tuberboy 360
Can u make a diy gimbal video\nWithout PVC pipes
TheLolGamer TLG
Avete usato come soundtrack la intro di eurovision 2017 are you serious?
Tom As
Am i the only one who doesn't have a gimball and watches just because youtube told to ?
TriMotion Media
Lol this is so bad haha. What's the point if you're just gonna get poor footage and bad composition. You just covered the mistakes with cuts and speeding through it
VaiBrother TECH
Mind blowing job men!\nReally it was amazing 😍\n*love u from Bangladesh*
ViOxStudio 2018
Great job ✊
Vila Barroló
Dude, you definitely should invest more in tutorials like this. They're a unique mixture of art n' learn. Brazilian regards, here.
Oh the music is the same than in the presentation video of the new N24/WELT design 🙈
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حلو جميل
Good video will try this..ohh shit!!!!i dont have a gimble...
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great job. thanks for sharing
Why does everything on YouTube have to be in a list?
gimbals are expensive :(
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Cool Tipps. Thx.... Next time with gimbal pls :)
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Music please? :)
Thanks for making this
mersal sasi
Aasome bro.
why people love using fake black bar? to get \
Like the boxing transition! Would definitely try it! Might even try it freehand! Awesome idea
perfect players
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Whats the music...its awesome
#3 Through The Window was used in The Raid 2 movie. Good work anyway.
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Thank you bro
unionfilms BX Guatemala GT
Excelente video saludo
voice of truth
That's awesome. Creative ideas. Please make more videos. Thanks
Even though I don't have any of this stuff its still sooo cool like if you agree
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From where you got that rickshaw
Алёксандр Синельников
Очень дельно!
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Геннадий Гончаров
Интересно! А еще я собираюсь к штативу (со слайдером) приделать колесики от компьютерного кресла. Это должно повысить мобильность штатива и придать дополнительные возможности.