How to Photograph Wedding Rings

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For more information on shooting weddings check out the full Fstoppers tutorial here:

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Perfect methodics, not only about rings, about macro shooting! tnx)
Abhijith Dixith
Pretty sure they used the nikkor 60mm 2.8D, not the G version as listed in the description box
Adam Issa
Кажется этот Патрик нёс куда-то кольцо и у него его забрали
Alan Vandever
I don't shoot weddings but this was a great tutorial and gave me idea I can use in my commercial work. Thanks.
An Vo
This was very helpful. Thank you!
Andres Velez
Excelente trabajo señores...
Babar Asghar
awesome guys ... amazing
Bill Zidis
Amazing video.Thank you
Christophe Buyck
This is great! great results, minimal time/gear! Love the mist shot!
Colin Leonard
Very nice, Im always using the 2 sec self timer. Some great ideas there guys thanks
is it me or does Patric look like Chewbacca?
Constantine Romanchuk
You could use a fishing line on the last shoot. And shooting pics upsidedown. It will make less work in PS. ;)
Daniel Doyongan
I'm sorry, did you say Patrick or Harry Potter?
Dao Quang
really really useful.. thanks for this amazing tutorial. I'm looking to find some ways to do product photography like that!
Datok Rizal
Sir..I loved the video tutorial! Very educational for a newbie like me.\nAccording to the list of equipment used, the lens used was a Nikon AF-S FX Micro-NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED Fixed Zoom Lens but seen here from this video angle, it doesn't look like the ED version.. \u003e Correct me if I\
Dennis Ruzeski
Hey Guys- I love your vids and this is no exception but I have a question-- I see a lot of photographers on youtube using a low power manual flash but the camera you're using has a commander mode on the built-in flash. Why are you using manual mode instead of the commander mode to trigger the ocf?
Douglas 0
Camera is Nikon D7100?
Duy Nguyen
Eugen C.
That photo with the mist and the purple was great!
Ezio Auditore
Thank you guys, very helpful tips! Can you please tell me what custom color temperature was set for the ring shot at 5:38?
Flavia Verçoza
The only problem with extremely complex compositions, such as the misty ring, is that clients may tend to think \
Florian Butterhof
Awesome video! Good idea on the mist shot. Thank you!\nHow is your flash setup (transmitter, flash, etc.)? I would like to get some flash equipment. Any recommendations?
Francisco Aguirre
Harry Potter Photography lol
Gabriel Purziani
Very good video !!! Congratulations, the final result would be \
Garry Burgess
Darn, I don't want to buy a macro lens for $1000 just for ring shots.
Great video
Harun Rashid
Why f32????
Hubert Boubreau
Great stuff. I like your shots.
Very cool tips. Thank you!
Jack Morton
5:59 R.I.P. Eyes
James Findlay
Lads lads lads, you missed a trick for wedding ring photography. Use a bible or book use a little putty or something to hold the rings and angle it. With the light looking down the spine of the bible (book) and the resulting image shows the two rings casting and intertwine hearts shadows. Couples love them.
For that second setup, an alternative to self timer mode would be to set it into interval timer mode (time lapse mode) if you have it, and have the photos every 1-2 seconds. That way you can fire off a ton of exposures quickly without having to touch the camera between each shot.
Jeff Balbalosa Photography
Did you guys tried f/1.8?
Jeff High
Well done! Such a variety of looks.
Joe Cerda guys are gold...this is why I love coming to YouTube...thank you so much!
John Bivins
Freaking awesome Tips!!! wow thanks
Jordan Wright
Joseph Santos
That was actually really helpful, thank you for putting this together!
Josh Fourie
You're on a tripod in the last setup. Why bump up your ISO when you can just lengthen your exposure time? Do you do any focus stacking as these DOFs are usually super shallow
Joshua Green
it was so helpful thanks
Keith Sheridan
How many likes do you need to get Patrick to get a haircut?
Kimoya Rennie
Hi Great tips! How did you get the backlight purple? Gel over the flash?
Konrad Z
Great tutorial guys ! THANKS ! Patrick you were so right to cut your hair ahahahah
Kyser Soze
*LOL! Patrick looks like a 70's Gino Vanelli!, he just needs to open his shirt to show all the hairy chest, put some gold chains and you have Chapo drug lord style! HAHA!*
Leo Antonov
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Mandy Martinez
amazing shot
Mary DiGiovanni
When you shot the spritz, what were your settings?
Matthew Wendzina
Really helpful ideas. Thank you!! Quick question- On the third shot I'm a bit confused about the settings. 8 seconds, f.4, 100- At these settings with no that much ambient light in the room my picture is well exposed. Adding in the light blows it out everytime... How exactly does this work?
Mattia F.
Such a real good video! please do a video to How to shoot hitech device
Clever quick shot idea guys. Is that LED the same one used in the iPhone 6 photo shoot you guys did not too long ago?
Nilesh Fataniya
Nice idea, thanks.
Worth a watch and great tips opens up a lot more ideas 😊👌
Wow that's stunning! Great video & tips!
Pablo Rogat
hahahahah so young both of you
Peter Hoffmann
Nice Clip
That mist shot was fantastic. Great stuff!
Phelix Hanney
I really do love the work that you guys are doing for the photography community. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing this video tutorial. Phelix 👍🏾🎥📷
Ragz Studioz
Much impressed. Hats off.. Keep up the great work
Rehman Abdur
The mist shot is dope!
Ricardo Coronel Ruiz
Great video!! thank you!
Richard Wagner
Great tips.  Loved the final photos.  Appreciate these short tutorials.
Rozely Lindim
I love the mist shot..
Is Patrick tiny or Lee big?
Hey Lee, Ashton Kutcher called. He wants his 'look' back. Hahaha
Saurabh Prabhakar
Patrick I really liked both the pics you shot, just amazing !! Nice!
Shree Diamond Mfg
I am looking for loose Diamond photography in macro
Swapnil Tambe
TS Fetzko
THIS is useful.  Thank you.
Talib Rashid
Really awsome tricks
Technical Gyan
Purple and Mist shot was beautiful.
great video for wedding ring but why so much for the wedding training dvd.I was really existing until I saw the price.
Victor Rivera
that mist shot was great! I appreciate this info and will do a test shot because I'm doing my first wedding soon and will use the mist method. Thanks guys.
ai ff
عکاسی صنعتی\n
andrew goh
any difference on nikon 105mm vs 60mm on ring shots?
animikh aronno
arjun kumar
You are really great Photographer
dew tew
Light painting look awesome, thanks!
happy Kumar
So best video thanks
last one was cheesy :D
iwan yudanto
Use background with screen laptop or tablet and little Flashlight is awesome
jaleel kottakkal
Super photography
kucki tea
my mind is honestly blown
Gorgeous work. You make it look simple but this is some very creative and advanced photography. I see a lot of wedding photographers that have been 'pros' for decades and don't produce shots like these.
great video. thanks
I´m not a photographer but this stuff is really cool.
plod1 plod1
That with water spray is awesome idea,,,thanks guys for sharing this ideas,fantastic photography lessons...
praveen sharma
well done
Wow, those were some great ideas! Very impressive considering the short amount of time required. Thanks! :)
vasanth saravanan
Great stuff guys ! kudos :)
give me ur contact ?
I wanted to get the same LED flashlight you were using in the video but when I clicked the link the one at Amazon doesn't look the same as the one in your video. It doesn't have the side lights :(
zahra Adel
It's an amazing technique \u003c3 , Love it , and i'll try it ^_^
zainab yusuff
i love the spray bottle idea..awesome tutorial thanks for sharing 👏👌
Thanks so much! Great ways to make loveliness!