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USEFUL AND EASY HOT GLUE GUN IDEASHot glue only seems good for attaching things to one another. In fact, if you have a glue gun, you have a ready-made 3D printer for home use. In this case, only your imagination is your limit. Today, we colelcted the coolest, the most useful and unexpected hot glue gun ideas and crafts. In this video, you'll find a lot of unexpected ideas.One of my favorite ideas is making adorable and very comfy glue gun slippers. Use a couple of cradvoard stencils for making accurate shoes. You can use a hot glue gun just as a 3D printer and print any figure. Check out how we printed a cool Eiffel tower statue. You can use colorful glue with glitter and a pencil and make a lovely rose. Another handy idea is making comfy nail polish remover caps. You'll need a rubber glove to make it. Another cool trick with a glove is a glove for pet grooming. There are many jewelry ideas that you easily can make using a hot glue gun. Check out that amazing bracelet we made out of hot glue and big rhinestones. Looks stylish! If your ring is too big for you, you can easily fix it with hot glue. You can also make numerous choker designs. Use our ideas or figure out something special.Another cool idea for your home – a non-slippery shower mat. Check out our tutorial and try to repeat it. Hot glue is awesome for non-slippery purposes. You can use hot glue for making a non-slippery cutting board or non-slippery socks. TIMESTAMPS:

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