My Manga review: Otomen

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Hey there~ This is another review on a Manga called Otomen. I really like this series and I hope you people do too!~ Anyways, I hope you enjoy! Story: 7 1/2Art: 8Characters: 8 1/2~MEL

98443mew otomen.

Bex LeTrex
Great review! I'm gonna start collecting this :D
Otomen is a really, really good manga. It's so cute, so kind-hearted, so sweet... occassionally weird...\n\nI'm proud to be an Otomen who enjoys Otomen~
Erica Mayonnaise
ive got all those books and more im crazy for the otomen series
Lily Gardenia
I love Otomen, even though I don't have any books. . . -_-' \n\nAm going to try to look for them! ^.^\n\nOne of the cheapest place to buy Otomen would be Half Price Books. Like, I got Fruits Basket there for $4.89, which originally costed $9.99 ^_^ \n\nAnd I totally recommend Demon Diary, a comical fantasy and Soul Eater, a action/adventure, comedy, and supernatural! ^-^
That guys name then one you pointed to His name is Juta ... The one who writes the Love Chick on Asuka and Ryo ~ I started a three days ago and im already on book 13 ~~
Sally Mitchell
I'm sat here with Otomen 1 on my lap :3 I only just got it, found it in my school library! :D I like it so far it seems good c:
oh my i love otomen i only have 2 though D:\ni am so going to get more :3\non a 1/10 scale it would be a 10 ^w^\nhave you read Black Bird btw?
cole farrow
I love otomen, it's romantic and cute and I recommend to anyone who loves shojo manga:)
Hey there. How much did these cost you? Do you know the cheapest place to buy them?