МЫШЬ ГОДЗИЛЛА Tasty Planet Forever съела СЛОНА ЛЬВА и МИНУ! Эволюция МЫШИ! Приключения в ПУСТЫНЕ

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Play TASTY PLSNET FOREVER. MOUSE GODZILLA Tasty Planet Forever ate the ELEPHANT LION and MINE! MOUSE evolution! Adventure in the DESERT game for two characters entertaining video for children on the channel Dad and Daughter Games (PDG). Play Dad and daughter Arishka!The mouse did not change for less and ate the whole desert at once. Well, almost immediately. It all started with small ants and dung beetles. However, each time she became more and more and now in her menu lions, zebras and even elephants! WHOLE ELEPHANTS! And in the end did not even disdain our soap Planes and hangarsBy the way here you will find a bonus level of the first series of "KOTE GODZILLA Tasty Planet Forever cat ate the Evolution of the city cat" where our cats will hunt the whole pack of dogs!By the way the game is very similar to the game Tasty Blue HUNGRY FISH where two fish just cleaned the ocean and then ate the whole earth!Here's a similar game:And here is the first episode where KOTE GODZILLA Tasty Planet Forever the CAT ATE the CITY's Evolution

Tasty Planet Forever TastyPlanet Мышь ЭВОЛЮЦ... мышь годзилла осьминог Octogeddon приключения в пустыне съела льва съела мину съела слона эволюция мыши