Top 5 DEADLIEST Roller Coasters YOU WONT BELIEVE EXIST! (Amusement Parks)

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Here are 5 of the scariest amusement rides ever to exist! These are the most crazy rides ever that you MUST try!For copyright matters, please contact: [email protected]►►HUGE CREDIT TO: Coaster Studios:Music Credits:Kevin MacLeod ~ Chill Wave

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The 5th one and 3rd one is very dangerous
Abigayle Turi ano
Ajay Kumar
Albino Fortnite
That German one is an exact copy of Superman at six flags
Ale Padilla
I live in Vegas and that rides pretty cool. Its on top of the stratosphere.
All work and no play makes jack a dull toy
Super man is in movie world in Australia too
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Barnacules Nerdgasm
How are any of these deadly?
Benta Nyambok
This is terrifying 😟😟😟
The Superman was my first ever roller coaster and I have been on it hundreds of times since mot at all deadly or abusive to riders
C Smitty
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why does every list channel clickbait with these kind of thumbnails
Cool Hand 62
Superman looks a lot like Nitro at 6 Flags Jackson NJ. Nitro is one of my favorites because even though it's an incredible ride it's also pretty smooth. There is one part where the coaster is doing horizontal circles the centrifugal force is quite intense. The seating is also quite unique where a small cushion locks you in and legs dangle. Kingda Ka is amazing! Been on that one about 50 times. Always a huge thrill!
Deadly? So as in people consistently die while riding them?
Crazy Coasters
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Name of the song please because it's not Kevin MacLeod-chillwave
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I hate it when people reply but don't say anything.
Isaiah Rodriguez
I been on the Superman in fiesta Texas
J Bro
Anyone else think these thumbnails have gotten way out of hand?
J Rod
I will never ride on the other roller coaster
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Jacqueline Jin
The thumbnail is SOOO REAL LOOKING!! *COUGH COUGH* WOW a rollercoaster higher than the CLOUDS !! Wow! I wonder how they even BUILT IT!
Jade Lemonade
I went on the 5th one when I was 17 and the 2nd one last year at 21, they were both so fun! I’ve also done the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe. Rollercoasters are the most statistically safe thrill seeking method that’s why I love them haha.
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Jane Carlson-Pickering
The only one of these that I have been on was Superman at Six Flags and it was breathtaking!
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We all have that one friend that screams like they are going to be murdered😂😂😂
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GP clickbait
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Why is Kingda Ka here. Dragster is original.
Definitely couldn’t do the first one. I have a bad habit of thinking about wht could go wrong. There’s a lot with that one
Kvng_ Dome24
This reminds me of the episode of sponge bob and Patrick at the fair and they went on that roller coaster than took out their back bones 😂🤷🏽\u200d♀️
Clickbait with a side of misinformation. I don't mean to nerd out, but 4 is 456 ft tall, Fahrenheit isn't even close to the steepest drop and you can see the track. Trust me, if ridden it 4 times. Also how can these be called deadly when nobody has died on them? Darn GP
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Oh God I would never ride that ride in New Jersey that looks too dangerous for me
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There are soooo many things wrong with the video. First of all, the title, deadly??? none of these are deadly, they are all extremely safe and literally nothing wrong with. YOU WON'T BELIEVE EXIST. well these are all pretty normal coasters and not really anything special. Coaster number 1. IT ISN'T A COASTER OMG PLEASE WHY IT IS NOT A COASTER. Coaster 2. Its the tallest, well? so there is always a coaster that is the tallest, so do I believe it? yeah of course I believe there is a tallest coaster in the world, deadly? no of course not. roller coaster 3. well THIS IS A CLONED MODEL!! THERE ARE ABOUT 6 OR 7 OF THESE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.''several inverions'' there is only 1. roller coaster 4. ''STEEPEST DROP'' eh WHAT?? this is definitely not the steepest drop, Takabisha has the steepest drop, not Fahrenheit. ''sometimes the drops are so steep you can't even see the track'' there is only 1 drop not multiple and in the rest of the ride you can see the track. rollercoaster 5. ''voted best coaster in the united states, that was superman the ride, not superman ride of steel. and even then its not anything really special or amazing, its just a rollercoaster. its doesn't have any scary things to it, it isn't extremely high or extremely fast or anything. So lets see what you say at the end. ''so that has been the most scary amusement rides ever'' sooo didn't the title say deadly? and it has suddenly changed from roller coaster to amusment rides? and the funny thing being that most of these rides aren't even anything special or scary and are just normal coasters. You should have done more research that the facts in the video are at least correct, and you could have actually made a reasonable video about accidents of rollercoasters but since they barely ever happen you wouldn't have more content so you decided to make this shitty video instead.
Mr_ Munnawar_49dz
Oh really mam
2019 anyone...
Nathalie Grieves
I think i would be dead going on some of these
Neahtheprankster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The 1st one seems so scary
Nicholas Volker
Nick is lit
Ok so you have the thumbnail which is obviously fake. It's a b&m dive going off a building. Then you title says deadly. Then you vid starts with saying the most terrifying coasters I think. Interesting...
Oh No nO
That superman ride of steel u need some *STEEL BALLS*
I’ve been on kinga ka and Superman
Philip Wanyori
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Pug Life
I would ride all of these 😂
the sky scream coaster is boring the g force in holidayy park is much nicer
Purva Shah
wow how dangerous rides thanks for saying about them
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What a thumbnail
Saint Andrew
Been on the 5th one (stratosphere). It doesn’t look scary but holy I had to close my eyes cause it felt so real.
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Even number 5 terrified me \nAnd it is really horrible.....\n😥😥😫😫
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I never go there after watching final destination movie
Takayla and me
This comment section is GP central.
Thuan Duong
No I am scared 😱 of high
Will try them out, for sure! 😂
Trend Central
Would you ride any of these?
It isnt even funny how little research you did on this video...
Vinnie Pollock
Clickbait thumbnails destroy the roller coaster fandom
Coaster enthousiast has left the chat
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I'll ride them all who's with me?
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Luckily, I don't ride any Roller Coasters.............😀😀😂😂😂
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*tear falls from face* ahhh, the GP strikes again
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Deadly roller coasters simply don’t exist. If it genuinely put people’s lives in danger, it would be taken down and removed from the park.\n\nI call clickbait.
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dude ive ridden all of these exept the first one
Maybe i should stop watching this videos.
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i just suddenly got it that roller coasters are just metal in the air
jacob marr
That scream sounds like the jug. Boiling
The video was great, but the title is clickbait. these rides are not deadly. i was expecting a list of rides where people had died riding them, not rides that are scary
princess merrell
Lol number 3 the man screaming was so evil haha😂😂😂
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I have season passes to six flags I always beg not to go bc of kinda ka and bc of a ride called el taro
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I've been to the super man in six flags it was fun
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