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#DisneyCruisingAndRandomVlogs - by Angela
I didn't laugh\n\nlike if you were the same
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Isnt physical harm so funny??? 😑
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that was hella funny!!!!!
Angela Oriolo
Io non ho riso perché non c’è niente di bello nel vedere dei bambini farsi male...
Arthur Santiago
legal :-:
AwesomeAlex Gamer
I did not laugh like if you did not laugh and felt bad for them\n\nEdit: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS IS THE MOST LIKES IVE EVER GOT THANKS 🙏
Banachos 12332
2:58 I CANT REMEMBER THE MUSIC NAME HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blanka Hudzińska
Ja się nie śmiałam bo jestem nieśmiała moim marzeniem jest się kiedy kolwiek uśmiechnąć dajcie like😶
Blue Kitty Cat
Moim zdaniem nie jest śmieszne to, jak ktoś się przewraca czy walnie się o coś, lub ktoś kogoś walnie. Niektóre są śmieszne, ale większość (moim zdaniem) nie
Bright Kreations
Carol Carruthers
She ran over her brother with a car she’s so mean RIP Timmy like if you hope he is alive
Chirone Neira
Jajajaja 😂😂
Cosmic Gaming
When your son wacks you with a golf club
DanielGamer TV
Dylan Saucier
Elisangela Castro
you not
Eva Mcilwaine
I have lose at 00:53
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this is not laughy
Goodhot RBLX
How many baby's were hurt doing this
Howie Yawaaa
Like if yo dont laugh\n 👇
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Roses Are Red\nViolets Are Blue\nI Got ClickBaited \nHow About You?
Iza Talar
Ogląając ten filmik przypomniało mi sie jak w zime poślizgnełam sie na schodach które całe były pokryte lodem koleżanki prawie sie przewróciły ze śmiechu a ja miałam przez tydzień siniaka na prawym udzie 😭
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Kto jest 1% daje łapę tu\n👇
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Wygrałam xd nie zasmialam się choć było to bardzo trudne 😂😂
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I gust like the videos
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Pękłam ze smiechu😹😹😹😹😹😂😂😂😂😂
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i did not laugh.If you didn't laugh put down a like
Life of Brothers and sisters
Some of them were hurt badly and in 1:02 she was a innocent girl who fell down and in 1:40 he was hurt so badly on his face
Lucinda Grace
I think you need to go get your eyes checked, half of these are kids not babies 🙄
9:19 :v
Madison Rice
Oh my god wth is this stuff ⬇
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2:18 the moment you realise you were clickbaited
Marcelo - TM
2019 Where are you?
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Czasami som tam dałnowate dzieci z zezami!!!
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To było łatwe nie zaśmiałem się kto się nie zaśmiał zostawia łapkę w górę!!!!
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Some of these hurt a lot and are not funny...
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I didn’t laugh
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Momma glitter sparkle
I didn't laugh either
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give the baby a starbucks😂
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Có gì buồn cười !
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5 59 o jezu
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Nothing to laugh at
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4:26 Leaked footage of Neymar's childhood...
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Music 9:52 ?
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0:06 headshot
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I didn’t laugh
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Some of them were hurt badly 😢😢😢
Sajgonki Master i HugeJaguar Eryk Kacper i Marcel
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6:30 what blubilumibu
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7:18 omg😂😂😂🤣
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I'm of that 1 percent that didn't laugh hit that like button if you didn't laugh
0:58 what’s the song called?
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If you didn't laugh like \n👇
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I didn’t laugh, I felt so bad for some of the babies. \n\n\n\n\n*CHILD ABUSE*
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
The comments are full of language I can’t understand
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It' s very funny
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5:52 la fart
bat blague
J'ai perdu à 3:42 😂 ,\n4:09 elle lui roule dessus jpp
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Ces nuls
diário da ymgrid
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Çok komik
mo coriosidade
ola górna
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it was too much funny i cannot stop myself to laugh
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Me when I clicked the vid\nWho laughed it’s going to hell...\nMe on second vid\nPffffff hahahahhaah\nMe: ok ok i have 3 life’s if I laugh 3 times I lose\n*laughs more than 5 times*\nOk ONE MORE!!\n*laugh twice*\nIm giving up.
um mundo de imaginação com mariah
Quem é brasileiro clica aqui\n👇
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I did not laugh \n\nLike if u the same
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I didn't laugh at all \n\n\nLike if you didn't laugh and is you feel sad of the people who got hurt and embarrassed
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4:12 wtf 😨😨😨
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Whats is song? 0:47