5 Easy Mouse/Rat Trap

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Drop a like 😉 saved y’all valuable time 10 sec before caught \n1.3:02\n2.4:43\n3.6:57\n4.8:36\n5.10:20\nBonus.9:33
Aaron W
This guy's an evil genius.... he'd make an awesome bond villain.
Abdul-Azeez Abu
These aren't rats, they are paid actors
Abstract Airsoft
This video was made 2 years ago and people are still commenting today
Ale Pontiga
no me puedo creer que hagas sufrir al animal solo para hacer un viedo
Alejandro Pallares
All the acts were cruel, pure cruel
Alexsander Matuz
Wuaw nomás que último timo ya salió mal jajajajajajajajaja remal remal Asus Radeon ala rata
AlvareZ az
*You can clearly see all those rats are actors*
Araceli Cruz
Wow you thought of that on your own thats cool because I honestly 🙄hate mouses and are afraid of them my teacher told me about they have germs *mices & rats* \n (plus)There is a real story that a factory had (both types) Mouses and Rats. He told us a man work there.poor tired man died,because Those scary mices pee on the soda can.ewwwww I feel like throwing up😂😨😰🤢🤮\n*Warning: Clean your soda cans!\nLol I'm typing it in my big sister's phone
BlackGalaxyAnimate! :v
I don't think the rats/mouse is paid enough for this
me gusta la 5 me parecio injenuosa ya atrape 3
Carlitos Mazariegos
Pobre mickey mouse
Danielle 89
Don't have any mouse problem in my house, just wanna see them rats get caught lol
Dante Sortino
Rip fortnite kids players
The first mouse was really suspicious
Denzil Wasterfall
If you're reading this, stay blessed 2019❤️🙏🏼
Divino vlogs
A primeira foi a mais foda
Donbok Majaw
The mouse is a paid actor
Dream on Eke
you are so mean! they are ANIMALS. they are CUTE. DONT hurt them
Drew Joyce
Very good I love the idea I,m gonna do it because they are very cute so thank you very much for the idea
El Man :v
adopten un gato y ya :v
El Pastro
Am I the only one who is worried about mouse's tail getting chopped off with that plastic bottle and container traps?
So many people in here thinking animals are equal to humans lol
Famous Bitchachos
Credit to the mouse for willing to be the actor for this video
Franco Nicolas Perez
Anda a cagar maltratador de ratas
Soy la unica persona que habla español..😢
Ghetto Gothics
Them rat moving so dam suspicious. Its like they have a feeling its a trap.
Gladden Empire
Obviously fake, these mice are paid actors\n\nEdit:OMFG!!! Can't people understand this is a joke? Damn some people really take it seriously.
Gloria Borger
What y'all actually came for\nThank me later\n3:08\n4:48\n7:00\n8:40\n10:19
Guillermo Silva
Si tu fueras una rata te gustaria que te hicieran eso ellas no te han echo nada
Habib Rahman
How dirty is that house. So many mice lmao
Hd Tueue
It doesn’t work my dad kill the rat not trapped him lol XD
Henry Phillips
its crule if u were a rat/mouse u wouldn't llike it if u were trapt
Pobre ratón! El solo quería comer nueces no quería matar a nadie \u003e:'v
Himelda Almonacid
Le corta el cuello al raton* bueno, quien tiene hambre? :V
HindiAko Dancer
those mouse are paid actors. 😂
Internet Rat
me no likey 👎
JH Drawings
Jesus Pineda
Like si crees que ese ratón es bien astuto
Joao Pedro Amaral
*Se pá é o mesmo rato em todas as armadilhas, KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK coitado véi*
John Cheeseburger
the music makes it funny. it's like a \
Juan Jose Turizo Olaya
que mal video no importa que fueran ratas tambien son seres vivos como nosotros y no hay que matarlas solo a traparlas y ponerlas en un lugar alejado pero muy alejado
Karakuri circus
O miserável e um gênio!
KeralaIndianMallu Taehyung
Most of the rats were paid actors real rats won't fall in this trap
Kitten Kitty
I Like My Own Comment Cuz No One Else Will😢
Marilac Morais
Prende o rato que está tranquilo!
Mary Light
AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO REALIZES THESE ARE ALL *HUMANE* TRAPS????!\n\nAs in NO HARM is coming to the mice at all?? They release the rodents in to the wild far away from people/// no harm done.
Megaladon _ Wreker
English gang where y’all at
Melanie Olmeda
Couldn’t the mouse bite through the trap though?
Over 50k Rats disliked the video.
Michael Mark
How much do you pay for your mouse actor?
Miguel Martinez
Lo q me intriga es saber cuánto le pagan a cada rata por actuar para este video... Acaso ganará lo suficiente
Move, I'm Gay
People in the comments are so quick to say, \
Mt - Mzt
Quem não gostou adota os ratos seus fdps, o cara fez armadilhas pra nn machucarem eles e um monte de mimizento aparece
Nize 564
4:48\nDie Falle ist schon fies wegen dem Wasser und der höhe
Noelle Francisco
Why am I watching this!?
Noriel Alberto
Tú tienes un serio problema de Ratones
Noxtomb GG
Men, the rats are a problem, if you don't like this tips to catch them, u shouldn't watch this video please.\n\nSorry for the english, i speak spanish.
Nur Tube
9:43 😂😂😂😂😂 fly 😂😂
Oscar Gabriel
Please don't kill the little mice :(
67000 ratas no les justo esto
Raul. Peralta Peralta
Q malo q heres ya no hagas eso
Savage XBlade
Lol when the crowed was screaming in 3:13
Seray Lilither
Oh my god stopp. Poor mouse 😦
Sofia Corona
Pobre ratita 🐭😧😢
Suresh Singhal
1-2 are not good for catching rat..
Susi Cute
3:10 made me cry :(
2019 ???
Un like para cada maní sacrificado. 😞
Taina Santos
Thelegend 27
We all know these mouse 🐭 are paid actors
4:55 why with water?!
Ugly bout Chino
R.I.P the rat from ratatouille
Uriii Gerlero
Mí pregunta es,como tiene tantas ratas?
Valeria Silvina Sanchez
Que mal video ellas tambien son seres vivos like si tengo razon
Victor Cortes
Pobre ratón no me gusto like si no te gusto el video
Xavier GC2001
A 61 mil niños ratas no les gusta este video xD
0:09 su cola, pobre ratón😪
amer amar Gamer
لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله
i have a rat somewhere in the my attic bedroom it’s scaring me because my dad is still making me clean my room
candylin candy
Mouse.this is cute
carlitos varela
Pobre ratón
dragon ball z now
Don't kill them catch and leave
gianni xu
Aww this is cool but the mouse is soo cute (I don’t know why)
jirka maso
oh wait... why i'm watching this
mia lopez
natalansionorasa quetimporta
aqui esta el comentario en español que buscabas hablame en respuestas
natalia :3
Awww se le atoró la colita al pobre ratón 😔😥
oscurius_666 _melt
se puede hacer con una botella yumbo?\n\nesq las de aqui de guate son mas grandes que tu gato el misifus :v , gatos de guatemala si saven q es alimento
People are way to sensitive.
team i'm sure dani alexa y luchis
haa como que esa casa esta mas minada de ratas 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝
thiago belizan
Pobrecita la ratita
yoon Choi
I’ve never seen them this close and I’m so confused that I found them kinda cute..
Глеб Цуренков
нихера се там крысы бегают
Илья Григорьев это я
Русские лайкните, чтобы иностранцы подумали что что-то путевое ниписал.
Poor Jerry😢
9:05 한글 ? 볶음땅콩?