Hallmark VR - Ride a Roller Coaster

Take a 360˚ virtual roller coaster ride with Hallmark’s VR viewer using this video. Watch as you buckle in, climb high, drop and swerve with every twisty turn. Experience the thrill of a roller coaster without ever leaving the house! Hallmark VR Virtual Reality:The Hallmark VR Viewer works with other Hallmark VR videos. Get ready to watch the 360˚ fun! VR Virtual Reality Viewer Instructions:A full video tutorial on how to use Hallmark’s VR Viewer can be found here:

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Works good
Blurze E
O have the same problem like I dont have the button ugh
Funny Ride 👍🤗 good job guys
Cool Cloud
this was fun!
Jacqueline Lea
No VR button as told in the previous video. Total waste of a $14 birthday card
Lynna Qualls
I like VR roller coaster
Poponmegirl draws and Plays
Very good but so laggy