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Begins a new adventure a FUNNY GAME about a Black ANIMAL STUFFED Chuchel let's find out WHO IT is? And the second game STICKMAN ESCAPE from PRISON in One LEVEL of the series 3 FINALE entertaining videos for kids on channel Daddy and Daughter Games (PDG). Play merry Dad and daughter MargoAdventure multnoma hero Stuffed animals who loved cherry. It's not just any animal. At first he was very much asleep! In General, almost nothing it can not be tried, and the alarm clock is useless and the chuchel TV ignores and in General even the speakers at full volume can not Wake up the stuffed! However, Dad and Daughter Wake him and he wants to have a cherry! Suddenly appears a huge BLACK HAND, and taketh away the first, then the cherry stuffed! And what will happen next you will see in this seriesThe second video game the adventures of Stickman Prison break Final episode, out of the labyrinth and save the drawn chelovechik. There are very few, let's look at the passing game Sticmen One LEVEL. Let's remember what happened in the beginning. Why each level is similar to another, why approaching the victory and going to the next room again find yourself in it? That's why the game is called One LEVEL! Let's see how it goes, very interesting and fun levels are waiting for us!The first series of escape STICKMAN from Prison in the game One LEVEL where stickman became small *********DAD and DAUGHTERS Games (PDG) is an entertaining family game channel, with a lot of games, training, developing and just interesting and funny videos about Good ice cream, fire and Water game in a variety of temples, cars, puppy patrol, horses may little pony, talking Tom, Angela, fashion Show, games for girls and games for boys. With us it is always fun and interesting! Become our friends!

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