Колыма. Лагеря смерти ГУЛАГ. Трилогия

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In the movie "Kolyma: Death Camps Gulag" it will be about people who survived during the Great Patriotic War and immediately got into the "death camps", at Kolyma. At least two million people were prisoners in Germany. It was regarded as a betrayal to the Motherland, article 58. The death camps - the NKVD's innovation was impeccable. It was aimed at destroying the "enemies of the people". No, they did not kill there, people just could not stand it, they were beastly and destroyed each other, someone was dying from disease, from cold and hunger. In the film, several rehabilitated prisoners talk about their cruel fate, about what very few people know about keeping in strict secrecy for many years. These are the nuances of "zekov" life, wild and cruel.FILM 1 - "The History of a Trust"Half-ruined wooden buildings, empty sockets of windows, bunks in barracks, stars on the towers, a rickety palisade, a wooden bridge - whether to freedom, or in conclusion - this is all that remains of one of the innumerable Stalin camps. "The stone promised to protect the secret" - now it protects only the countless bodies of the victims of the regime, buried here. Everything started in the 30s ..FILM 2 - "Face to Face"Civilian workers, former prisoners and children born in camps, continue to testify. The end of the 30's - the beginning of the 40's. for prisoners were replete with important events. At first, they expected changes in connection with the removal of Yezhov and the appointment of Beria. But instead of changes, general executions began ...FILM 3 - "War after the war"From the mountain on which lies the old cracked "cup" of the line of high-voltage gear, the remains of the camp are visible. The chronicle is a soldier of the Great Patriotic War with victory and flowers. In parallel with these echelons, there were other trains that were not met with flowers. Those who went to them - military prisoners, returnees - were sent from the German captivity to the Soviet captivity, to the camps. They wanted to return to their homeland, but instead received a tribunal and a prison. Again denunciations began, the regime was toughened, handcuffs and numbers were introduced, which now replaced the names .... In the environment of prisoners underground organizations were created, people went on the run. They were shot, the corpses of the killed fugitives for weeks lay untied for intimidation, but they all the same ran away - drove the excitement of freedom, human dignity. Death was a common occurrence ... This film the authors dedicated without guilt to the murdered, our brothers and sisters, who settled namelessly on the cold Kolyma land.

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